Inventory Management

Niagara Meters assists a snack foods manufacturer with inventory management.

Plant/Project Challenge

The Customer contacted their Niagara Meters distributor to inquire about an inventory management solution for cooking oil supply and return tanks. The Operations team wanted the ability to identify and reconcile their oil inventory. By knowing how  much oil was being used and where, it would allow the Customer to better allocate costs.

Solution - SmartPD Positive Displacement Nutating Disc

  • Principle of Operation: The SmartPD provides total volume and flow rate measurement by way of an electronic transmitter. This 2 -wire device provides an analog response through a 4 -20 mA signal, digital feedback via HART® communication, and a visual indication of change on an LCD display.
  • Installation Location: A total of 18 SmartPD meters are located on various pipes connected to the cooking oil supply and return tanks.

Customer Benefit

Before the SmartPD meters were installed, the Customer did not have a way to monitor the amount of oil being used in the facility. The Customer tied the 4-20mA output to a PLC which allowed them to access all of their information on a single touch screen panel. This Distributor Control System (DCS) allows them to look closer at the facility’s inventory. You cannot control what you aren’t monitoring or measuring.

Niagara Meters: The right choice for oil metering applications.