Optimal Efficiency

Niagara Meters assists a medical facility with a steam generation upgrade.

Plant/Project Challenge

The Customer contacted their Niagara Meters Distributor as part of a steam generation upgrade – they wanted to ensure that the facility was running at optimal efficiency.


Positive Displacement Nutating Disc Meter with R15B Register

  • Principle of Operation: Liquid enters a precision-machined chamber containing a disc which nutates. The nutations of the disc are transmitted by a gear train to a totalizer and/or pulse transmitter.
  • Installation Location: The Nutating Disc Meters are installed on the fuel oil supply to the boilers (1 meter per boiler) that produce the facility’s steam. Boilers such as this are typically set up to use both fuel oil and natural gas so that they are able to utilize the most efficient option at all times.

Model 421 MTX Turbine Meter with 840 Pulser

  • Principle of Operation: The turbine’s rotor rotation is proportional to the volumetric flow rate and is magnetically coupled to a hermetically sealed indicator.
  • Installation Location: The MTX Turbine Meters are installed on the make-up water boilers – these boilers are used to make the steam that is used throughout the facility for heating, laundry, sterilization, etc.

Fixed Insertion ForceMeter with Remote Transmitter

  • Principle of Operation: Flow of this target meter is measured in terms of dynamic force acting a solids disk in the flow stream which is translated into an electrical output proportional to flow.
  • Installation Location: The ForceMeter’s main function is to measure steam, but there are also meters installed for measuring the condensate return.

Customer Benefit

Our flow meters help the Customer to find and reduce waste by allowing them to look closer at the facility’s efficiency. The flow meters enable the maintenance team to see when they are running at ultimate efficiency, which is the goal, and also when the efficiency declines and adjustments need to be made. You cannot control what you aren’t monitoring or measuring.

Niagara Meters: The right choice for steam metering applications.